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Animal / Wildlife Library
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Animal/Wldlife - 8K
The MHD Animal/Wildlife 8K Galleries
Land Mammals
North America
Bears American Badger Beaver
Big Horn Sheep Black-Footed Ferret Buffalo/Bison
Caribou Wild Cats Dall Sheep
Deer Elk Fox
Marmots Moose Mountain Goat
Muskox other Pika
Pine Marten Prairie Dogs Pronghorn
River Otters Wolf and Coyote  
Antelope, Gazelles, etc Batrbary Sheep Bat-Eared Fox
Black-Backed Jackal Brown Hyena Bush Baby
Cape Buffalo Cape Fox Cheetahs
Elephants Genet Giraffes
Hippos Leopards Lions
Meerkats Mongoose Primates
Rhinos Serval Spotted Hyena
Warthog Wild Dog Wildebeest
Snow Monkeys - Japan (8K)    
Penguins Southern Giant Petrel
Australia / Indo-Pacific
Australia - Kangaroos Tasmania - Mammals & Birds Indonesia
Brown Bears - Eurasian Iberian Hares Icelandic Horses
Icelandic Sheep Red Fox - Eurasian Red Squirrels
Reindeer Eurasian Wolf  
Sea Mammals
Sea Otters (Surface) Seals / Sea Lions / Elephant Seals Dolphins (Surface)
Walrus Whales (surface)
Birds: Africa Birds: Australia Birds: Central America
Birds: North America Birds: Europe California Condors
Cranes/Herons/Egrets/Spoonbills Flamingos Grouse
Hummingbirds North America Owls Pelicans (White and Brown)
Raptors - Eagles, Hawks, etc Ravens Sea/Shore Birds
Tropical Birds WaterFowl Woodpeckers
Insects and Spiders
Ants & Termites Bees Butterflies
DragonFlies / Damselflies Flies Japanese Giant Hornets (8K)
Labybugs Mosquitoes Moths
Preying Mantis Spiders  
(also see Underwater/Ocean Life)
Amphibians Crustaceans Fish
Reptiles Reptiles (Marine) Slugs/Snails/Worms
Cattle Chickens Highland Cattle
Horses Greylag Geese Sheep
In - Captivity
(Refuges, Sanctuaries and Zoos)
Mammals - Big Cats
Caracal White Tigers  
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