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Animal / Wildlife Library
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8K, 6K and 5K Originals (available as 8K, 6K, 5K, 4K, 2K and HD 1080)
African Birds
African Birds: 8K
African Birds: 4K-6K
African Darter African Fish Eagle African Grey Hornbill
African Jacana African Penguin African Red-Eyed Bulbul
African Scopes Owl African Skimmer African Spoonbill
Barn Swallow Bateleur Eagle Black-Crowned Night Heron
Blacksmith Plover/Lapwing Black-Winged Stilt Blue Waxbill
Brown Hooded Kingfisher Burchell’s Coucal Burchell’s Sandgrouse
Cape Glossy Starling Cape Sparrow Cape Vulture
Cape Weaver Cape White-Eye Cattle Egret
Common Ostrich Crimson-Breasted Shrike Crowned Plover
Dusty Sunbird Egyptian Goose Emerald-Spotted Wood Dove
European Roller Fork Tailed Drongo Giant Kingfisher
Greater Blue-Eared Starling Great Egret Green Wing Pytilla
Grey Go-Away Bird Grey Heron Hadada Ibis
Hamerkop Helmeted Guineafowl Hooded Vulture
Hoopoe Kori Bustard Lanner Falcon
Lappet-Faced Vulture Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird Lilac Breasted Roller
Little Bee Eater Little Egret Magpie Shrike
Malachite Kingfisher Malachite Sunbird Marabou Stork
Martial Eagle Maves's Starling Namaqua Sandgrouse
Natal Spurfowl Northern Black Korhann Pale Chanting Goshawk
Pearl-Spotted Owl Pygmy Falcon Pied Avocet
Pied Kingfisher Pin-tailed Whydah Purple Roller
Red-Billed Oxpecker Red Crested Korhann Red-headed Lark
Ruppell's Vulture Sabota Finch Saddle-billed Stork
Secretarybird Spotted Eagle Owl Squacco Heron
Sociable Weavers Southern Carmine BeeEater Southern Ground Hornbill
Southern Masked Weaver Southern Red-Billed Hornbill Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill
Spur-Winged Goose Streaky-headed Seedeater Swainson's Francolin
Swallow-Tailed Bee-Eater Tawny Eagle Three-Banded Plover
Verreaux's Eagle Owl Village Weavers Vultures
Wahlberg's Eagle Water Thick Knees White Backed Mousebird
White Backed Vulture White Browed Sparrow Weaver White-Faced Whistling Duck
White-Fronted BeeEater Woodland Kingfisher Wood Sandpiper
Woolly-Necked Stork Yellow-Billed Kite Yellow -Billed Oxpeckers
Yellow-Billed Storks Yellow-Fronted Canary Yellow-Throated Longclaw
Flying Mammals    
Epauletted Fruit Bat (mammal)    
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