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Animal / Wildlife Library
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8K, 6K, 4K, 3K and 2K Originals (available as 8K, 6K, 4K and HD)
Wildcats - 8K
Snow Leopards Mountain Lion/Cougar Canada Lynx
Wildcats - 2K-6K
Canadian Lynx - Alaska (4K)
MHD_rKW4_r0924 MHD_rKW4_r0925 MHD_rKW4_r0926
MHD_rKW4_r0927 MHD_rKW4_r0928 MHD_rKW4_r0929
Canadian Lynx - New Hampshire (4K)
MHD_rCM4_r0003 MHD_rCM4_r0004 MHD_rCM4_r0005
MHD_rCM4_r0006 MHD_rCM4_r0007 MHD_rCM4_r0008
Bobcat - California (4K)
MHD_rKW4_r0948 MHD_rKW4_r0949 MHD_rKW4_r0950
MHD_rKW4_r0951 MHD_rKW4_r0952 MHD_rKW4_r0953
MHD_rKW4_r0954 MHD_rKW4_r0955 MHD_rKW4_r0956
MHD_rKW4_r0957 MHD_rKW4_r0958 MHD_rKW4_r0959
MHD_rKW4_r0960 MHD_rKW4_r0175 MHD_rKW4_r0176
MHD_rKW4_r0177 MHD_rKW4_r0178  
Bobcat - Massachusetts (2K-4K)
MHD_rCM4_r0059 MHD_rCM4_r0060 MHD_rCM4_r0061
MHD_rCM4_r0062 MHD_rCM4_r0063 MHD_rCM4_r0064
MHD_rCM4_r0065 MHD_rCM4_r0066 MHD_rCM4_r0067
MHD_rCM4_r0068 MHD_rCM4_r0069 MHD_rCM4_r0070
MHD_rCM4_r0071 MHD_rCM4_r0072 MHD_rCM4_r0073
MHD_rCM4_r0074 MHD_rCM4_r0075 MHD_rCM4_r0076
MHD_rCM4_r0077 MHD_rCM4_r0078
Bobcat - Yellowstone Nat'l Park (6K)
MHD_rDG5_d0009 MHD_rDG5_d0010 MHD_rDG5_d0011
MHD_rDG5_d0012 MHD_rDG5_d0013 MHD_rJL5_e0938
MHD_rJL5_e0939 MHD_rJL5_e0940  
Bobcat - Wildlife Rescue Facility/Colorado
MHD_rJL4_r0318 MHD_rJL4_r0319 MHD_rJL4_r0321
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