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5K and 4K Originals (available as 5K, 4K, 2K and 1080HD)
Australian Birds: Laughing Kookaburra 5K
MHD_rDUA_d1070 MHD_rDUA_d1071 MHD_rDUA_d1072
MHD_rDUA_d1073 MHD_rDUA_d1074 MHD_rDUA_d1075
MHD_rDUA_d1076 MHD_rDUA_d1077 MHD_rDUA_d1078
MHD_rDUA_d1079 MHD_rDUA_d1080 MHD_rDUA_d1081
MHD_rDUA_d1082 MHD_rDUA_d1083 MHD_rDUA_d1084
MHD_rDUA_d1085 MHD_rDUA_d1086 MHD_rDUA_d1087
MHD_rDUA_d1088 MHD_rDUA_d1089 MHD_rDUA_d1090
MHD_rDUA_d1091 MHD_rDUA_d1092 MHD_rDUA_d1093
MHD_rDUA_d1094 MHD_rDUA_d1095 MHD_rDUA_d1096
MHD_rDUA_d1097 MHD_rDUA_d1098 MHD_rDUA_d1099
MHD_rDUA_d1100 MHD_rDUA_d1101 MHD_rDUA_d1102
MHD_rDUA_d1103 MHD_rDUA_d1104  
Laughing Kookaburra 4K    
MHD_rDUA_d1105 MHD_rDUA_d1106 MHD_rDUA_d1107
MHD_rDUA_d1108 MHD_rDUA_d1109 MHD_rDUA_d1110
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