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MammothHD is accepting submission for review of Super High Definition Media: 4K+ Footage,
3D Animation and Motion Graphics, for Representation.

You can contact MammothHD for more information via the email address below:

We are happy to review your demoreel for possible inclusion of your work into the Mammoth HD library.

DemoReels Links can be emailed


Media sent to the MHD PO box.
Please send attention: Submissions and include return postage/packaging*.

We prefer at this time to review demoreels online or DVD / SSD media.

If your reel is on another media - please contact MHD before sending.

Thank You.

*Mammoth HD is not responsible for loss or damage resulting from shipping or handling by Mammoth HD or its carriers. Mammoth HD is not liable for any loss, damage, fees, customs duty, or tax incurred by the shipment of submissions. Mammoth HD may hold submissions for a period of 4-6 weeks. Mammoth HD will hold submissions unless alternate arrangements are made to return submission. All images submitted to Mammoth HD, as samples are the exclusive and confidential property of the artist or photographer and will not be reproduced for any purpose at anytime by Mammoth HD.. without prior consent of the artist or photographer.