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MHD / RED Library Talentbase
Mammoth HD is pleased to feature the works of our Red Camera Cinematographers/Videographers
Coming from diverse backgrounds and specialities with a wide range of locales,
these MHD Contributors include multi-award winning talent
- - -
Kennan Ward Andy Casagrande Tom Campbell
Wilderness Video Michael Mauro Beth Davidow
Ron Lagerlof Mark Toia Oceansense Productions
Rockhouse Motion Wes Greene Chad Lancaster
Media Fuel Jesse Rosten Judy Lehmberg
42 Productions Jay A Kelley Ivan Agerton
Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock Tempest Technologies Alacrity Media
Eli Jarra Bill Paris Will & Deni Films
Elliot Leboe Watering Life Productions Andrew Cheng
Matt De Jesus Verité Studios Dale Hilldebrand
Olafur Rognvaldsson Ken Kosub Open Ocean Productions
Patrick Lawler Willow Creek Peter Savage
Thor Wixom Paul Engstrom Erwin de Boer
Steve Sherrick Ocean Imaging/Aquavideo Micheal Isidro
Tonaci Tran Vlad Eugene Lauri Kettunen
Christian Munoz-Donoso Colin Hubick Art Levy
Mack Dawg Productions Seth Grant Deep Roots Media
Stormfront Films Greg Huglin Mike McCaffrey
Steve Tammi Silver Bullet Productions Matt Johnston
David Butler CondorCam Scott Simper
Edward Pond RC Cone Jon Shaw
SilverDory Productions Rob Hofmyr Mineworks Film
John Reed NaturaHD Films Federico Rizzo
Wade Yamaguchi Alex Jones Maurico Handler
Ben Miller Michael Maes David Battistella
Amund Lie Howard Smith Sky Factory
Michael Sanderson Meryem Ersoz Ryan Walters
Rhett Cutrell Mark Anderson Mike Dreesman
Doug Gardner Jeffrey Loewe KipperTie
Louie Schwartzberg Severin Strauss Isaac Marchionna
Tim Laman Global Net Productions DERYL Group
Brandon Swanson Jacob Schwarz OffHollywood-NY
Stefano Ceccon Migration Media  

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