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Updated 11.01.22
MHD Single Clip Rights Managed (hybrid) Pricing
does not include shipping or taxes

Rights Managed (hybrid) License Agreement

Single Clips
FTP and/or delivery on hardmedia (FedEx)

All MHD Single Clip RM rates are Per Second with a 5 second minimum
fee per clip.
Baseline (Advertising, Films, etc are higher)  
Format - Original Capture 5 second per clip minimum  
RED 4K~6K    
RED - Scenics, Locations, etc $50.00 /second  
RED - Aerials $100.00 /second  
RED - Underwater $100.00 /second  
RED - Models/Fashion $ 50.00 /second  
RED - Sports $ 50.00 /second  
RED - Wildlife $ 50.00 /second  
RED 8K $50.00 ~ $120.00+ second (quoted by project)  
12K - Africa $100.00 second (quoted by project)  
* Rates are in $USD and Subject to Change without notice.