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Rights-Managed Single Clips

Mammoth HD / Rights Managed SingleClip Footage
is shot in 4 primary resolutions - 5K, 4K, 2K and HD

Delivery is usually in HD 1080, but is also available in the original capture resolutions
- HD1080, 2K, 4K and 5K

This opens up a multitude of delivery options for matching to project requirements

CALL or email • Mammoth HD
for quotes and consultation on the RM Single Clip options


email: MHD for Ordering Info

Mammoth HD Single Clip Footage Pricing/Licensing is Handled under the MHD - Hybrid Rights-Managed License.

Mammoth HD - RM Pricing

Mammoth HD - Hybrid Rights-Managed License

*The Mammoth HD Single ClipFootage is ordered by the MHD ClipID and can be portions of the clip

- there is a 5 second per clip minimum - contact Mammoth HD for details.
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