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MammothHD - The Overview The MammothHD Library

MammothHD Footage Library is a unique resource for original HD and RED stock footage, 3D Animation and Motion Graphics for broadcast, film, advertising, corporate, educational videos and digital signage/display.

MammothHD has been specializing in RED 4K+ footage since 2007.

The MHD footage is produced specifically for this library and is being acquired on state-of-the-art digital equipment at 6K, 5K 4K, 3K, 2K and HD1080i/p.

And...NOW -> 8K and larger!

The MammothHD Footage Library is organized around 3 main categories

1) Royalty-Free Collections and Single Clips
2) Rights-Managed Single Clips including RED 4K+ footage
3) Special Venue - Vertical and Large Format

MammothHD represents over 150 shooters / producers spread around the world - working with state-of-the-art cameras and visualization software - including RED

We use specialized cameras systems for time-lapse (digital still cameras) and hi-speed (Super Slow Motion) footage.

The MHD library is a general subject library and has have footage in multiple formats from HD to RED 8K including specialized Vertical Formats in HD and 8K.

MammothHD footage in the Collections and Single Clips is available as Uncompressed Quicktime or Apple ProRes422HQ codecs. Delivery of all Collections and Single Clips via FTP or on hard media such as DVD media or USB/Firewire harddrives delivered via overnight shipping (FedEx). Blu-Ray media is an optional delivery media.

RED Footage is available In RED's R3D camera original codecs and QT ProRes or Tif/DPX Sequences.

The library features clip previews online of every clip... if you don't see it - ask! For footage requests - call or email MammothHD with your clip/footage requirements.

For a visual overview of the MammothHD Footage Library - check out the Demo Reels for RED, HD and Vertical footage.

MammothHD - The Talent Base The MammothHD Library - subjects include:

MHD's footage is being produced by a world class group of award winning photographers, cinematographers, videographers, 3D animators and motion graphic specialists from around the world.

MammothHD and our repped talent are 'early adopters' so we will be on bleeding edge of ultilizing the latest and greatest tools to produce world class footage and visuals.

For those Shooter/Producers who like to be a part of the MammothHD Libraries - please contact us anytime.

- Aerials
- Business, Energy
- Agriculture and Ag Business
- Scenics and Nature
- National Parks
- Wildlife, Animals
- Cities and Travel
- Sports - Personal, Water, Motor and more....
- Medical, Healthcare and Fitness
- Underwater and Ocean
- Traffic and Transportation
- Life Styles, Cultures
- Compositing Elements (Smoke, Fire, etc)
- 3D Animation (including medical and space)
- Motion Graphics
- Special Effects and Time Shifting
- POV Collections

- 3D/Stereoscopic Footage

- and so much more.....